“My Fathers Care”

Dear Emma & Tendai,
This is just to say, I am extremely happy and relieved to have found CareTouch Homecare at this very crucial time in my father’s life. 
Since having CareTouch from the end of March 2023, the level of care that he needs with his medications, meals and personal care for seven days a week, the CareGivers are delivering with high caring professionalism, high level of accuracy with his time sensitive medications, attention to detail, patient, kindness, understanding, companionship, and everything done with a smile. CareTouch go above and beyond the call of duty. 
The CareGivers and Management Team are exceptionally quick to grasp new methods and ideas whether it is instructed by Healthcare Professionals or family. They always have listening ears to both my father and myself.
My family have noticed the change in me that I am relaxed now. I am able to spend more time being a daughter to my father, grandmother, mum and wife. This is due to the outstanding service CareTouch are providing to my father. It is a true blessing to have found CareTouch. 
All the best to CareTouch Homecare and a big thank you from Soma & family.